Wexford Strawberries R Us – Wexbury Spirits

When it comes to traditional seasonal food fare, nothing evokes the Irish Summer Spirit like fresh, succulent Wexford Strawberries! After a busy day in the office, there are few more welcoming sights than a comfortable seat on the patio, a bowl of freshly picked strawberries, and a refreshing, cool glass of spirit to enjoy as you relax into your evening.

Wexbury Spirits have perfectly captured this time of year in our delicious, refreshing, and strawberry-infused vodka. Our local, Wexford-based brand has been created to allow you to enjoy this Irish Summer Tradition captured in a bottle whenever you need it, no matter what the weather is outside!

In a world full of global, bland, corporate alcohol brands we stand for local values, Irish tradition, and unique taste! 

Wexford Spirits embrace our local independence and identity to provide an authentic Wexford Strawberries taste with a uniquely Irish sensibility. And rather than a corporate board room, our story begins on a Wexford roadside.