How to Enjoy Your Wexbury Spirits Drink

Embrace the summer strawberry feel completely and fix yourself a traditional summer dessert or throw in some complimentary berries to enhance your strawberry-infused drink. Here are our hints for how to best enjoy your Wexbury Spirits no matter what the weather is looking like outside.

  • Add some dried baby rose buds to brighten up your glass with an interesting taste combination.
  • Create a delicious battle of the berries by adding some frozen raspberries to your drink.
  • Add a sweet and sour contrast by garnishing your Wexbury Strawberry Spirits with some lemon and lime.
  • Use Wexbury Spirits as a base for a delicious frozen martini by adding fresh berries, raspberry syrup, sugar, and white lemonade.
  • And once you’ve fixed up your perfect spirit combination why not sit down with some refreshing, minty ice cream or a delicious cheesecake, merengue, or pavlova?

No matter how you decide to enjoy your Wexbury Strawberry Spirit Drink, we’re certain that as soon you open up the bottle and smell those summer strawberries you’ll instantly get that summer evening feeling flowing!

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